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My life changed profoundly from the moment I met

      Garuda.He is graciously offering to share his experience          and knowing with everyone. Whenever possible Garuda         will be available after scheduled Thetahealing seminars           to teach and guide all who are interested.  We will also          be holding free meetings in the Asheville, NC and upstate        SC region. Let us know if you are interested!​

ingrid dobbins
Practitioner and Instructor

Meet INGrid

Meet Garuda

Ingrid is passionate and dedicated to her mission of offering people and pets the opportunity to heal from within.  She uses training on nutrition, essential oils, and other resources to address all aspects of healing to people and pets.

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Ingrid teaches classes on essential oils (with emphasis on pets), and on the Thetahealing Technique.  She is available for sessions conducted over the phone or in the office.  Call today to schedule your session, to sign up for classes, or just to find out how this info can benefit you!

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Certified Certificate of Science, and Master Thetahealing® Technique Practitioner and Instructor 

Recently described as a Taoist breath master, Dr. I.D. Garuda received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts in 1970. He was a patient and post-doctoral student of Dr. Alexander Lowen at the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis from 1971 to 1975 where he was introduced to the importance of expanded breathing. He worked as a licensed clinical psychologist and bioenergetic therapist until 1981 when a spiritual emergency led him to relinquish his professional career and begin to study meditation. He is the author of 10 books and has led breathing 'satsangs' all over the world. Of himself, he says, "I went from being a selfish person to being a loving person, to being a God-realized person, to being a nobody. It's great to be nobody.". 

Breathing Instructor

Ingrid spent 25 years as a Mechanical Engineer in the automotive industry. She was a very healthy, active person, and loved to be outside. After developing severe fatigue, and later, food allergies, sinus problems, etc.,  she found herself in a place of hopelessness. Medication wasn't helping and she continued to get worse. She had symptoms that the doctors couldn’t explain.

She was reacting to almost all foods and was getting weaker with each day that passed.  Everything she tried caused a healing crisis. She tried everything, including chelation.  She learned several different healing modalities, but the results were slow and gave limited results. She always felt drained when practicing what she had learned on others.
In 2013, she found the ThetaHealing® technique . Three days later, she felt her illness lift off of her like a blanket.  She immediately began studying and taking the courses, and witnessing people and animals heal.   Her food allergies are gone. She now has the energy to enjoy life, and to enjoy work. 
Her dream now is to use her training in the many areas of natural remedies to empower people to take charge of their health.